Fender Play vs Jam Play? Which Should You Buy?

Ok so you want to learn to play guitar online but you’re not sure which course to pick? If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re stuck between Fender Play Vs Jam Play; and you’re not sure which one is right for you. I am here to help you.

Both Fender Play & Jam Play are very popular online guitar lessons with 1000’s of users worldwide.

To make this easier, I will give you a brief summary on each and then put them head to head to help you decide between fender play or jam play.

Fender Play Quick Summary

Fender Play vs Jam Play

I have completed a full Fender Play Review that you can check out. It just goes into a little more detail than this summary and could be worth a read.

Fender Play is an online training course created by Fender the Guitar Manufacturer that helps people learn to play guitar, bass and ukulele online in the comfort of their own home.

Fender Play is very well priced and one of the lowest costings online courses available to buy online. Right now Fender Play costs $9.99 per month.

Jam Play Quick Summary

Should I buy Fender Play or Jam Play

JP (Jam Play) is one of the most popular online guitar courses and have been around for a long time.

JP has 1000’s of members with a very active online community and 1000’s of video lessons to learn guitar from. Right now Jam Play costs $19.99 per month.

With over 6000 video lessons to learn from and at every skill level, Jam Play has enough content for a life time of value.

Jam Play will teach you to play guitar, but you also become a member of their amazing online community. You can chat with fellow members, upload songs, ask a question or get feedback on something you are working on. It’s great.

Fender Play or Jam Play

Ok, I have given you a brief summary of each, but we are going to dig a little deeper and do some more comparisons of each online course to give you a better idea of each one to see if it’s right for now.

Fender PlayJam Play
Skill LevelBeginnerBeginner to advanced
Content100's of videosOver 6000 Videos
Regularly Updated Songs and videosYesYes
Live LessonsNoYes
Online CommunityNo (In theory they do but it's Fender as a manufacturer, not as a guitar course)Yes
Free TrialYesYes

Who’s Level Guitarists Are These For?

It’s important to know what level of guitar player you are because one of these online guitar courses might not be right for now.

Fender Play is for beginners only to be honest. If you have never held a guitar or maybe even know a few notes, Fender Play is a great place to start.

However, when you reach a more intermediate or advanced level, you will have outgrown Fender Play and will need to consider other online guitar courses.

Jam Play however is perfect for anyone from a beginner who never even held a guitar, right up to the most advanced guitarists. Why would an advanced guitarist still use Jam Play? Well, I’ll explain that below.


Is Jam Play worth it?

Now this is where we really see some differences between Fender Play vs Jam Play. If you are looking for heaps of content, Jam Play is the clear winner here.

But, Fender Play are the new guys on the block and Jam Play has been around since 2006 so it’s understandable that Jam Play have more content.

Jam Play has over 6000 online guitar lessons to choose from. Now that’s pretty amazing when you think about it. You could spend days and days immersed in these videos and not even be close to finishing. Especially since they release new videos every week.

Fender Play’s video count is in the 100’s but again they release more every week. Although Fender don’t have as many videos, their content is amazing.

Fender’s videos are like quick fire lessons with most of them only lasting 10-20 minutes. They are so easy to follow and recorded from multiple angles. The high quality angles are very useful. This allows you to focus the camera on different parts of the lesson to see exactly what the instructor is doing.

Fender also release brilliant step by step song tutorials for the latest songs which are great to learn. So you can learn your favourite latest releases rather than the classics everyone knows.


How much is Jam Play

Now you are probably already aware as I have mentioned it already above; but there’s quiet a different in the price. When you are comparing Fender Play vs Jam Play on price, the latter is twice the price.

Fender Play is available for $9.99 a month whereas Jam Play comes in at $19.99 per month. But what makes Jam Play so much more expensive compared to Fender Play?

Like I said, Fender Play are new to the game and I think they wanted to get some traction on their online guitar course. Same way Amazon Prime under cuts Netflix to get users (Just a theory).

The lower price doesn’t take away the quality of Fender Play, but you are getting more for your money with Jam Play.

But, is Jam Play worth the extra money? To be honest that is probably up to you really. But I am going to mention a few more features below that justifies the higher price of Jam Play.

Stand Out Features

There’s a few standout features for me that for me are worth mentioning. Most of these are Jam Play related if I’m honest. They just have more to offer.

  • Studio Sessions (Live)
  • Daily Open Q&A (Live)

Live Studio Sessions

The Studio Sessions is huge for me. You are essentially doing a guitar lesson live with an instructor in the studio. There’s no extra charge on this from your basic Jam Play membership @ $19.99.

These studio videos are in 1080p quality, with full guitar tabs and guided homework for you to practice afterwards on your own. While you are in the live studio session, you can also interact with your instructor. Ask questions, look for advice, etc.

Live Daily Open Q&A

Usually when you buy an online course or ebook, all the info is supposed to be there and you go off on your own. But that can be hard sometimes, especially if you have nobody to turn to for help or if you have questions.

Daily Open Q&A is really cool. It really makes you feel more privileged in a way, or feel valued as a customer.

Jam Play’s Live Daily Open Q&A gives you instant access to professional instructors to help solve any problems you have.

They also include live open mic nights which is pretty cool. Again, this is all included in the normal Jam Play membership.

Jam Play have really upped their game recently, I think largely due to competition coming Fender Play and Guitar Tricks.

Fender Play vs Jam Play – Which Is Better?

is Fender Play better than Jam Play

Money no object I would say Jam Play to be honest. There’s just so much video content and I absolutely love the Jam Play community.

You could spend hours reading through forums, ask questions, send in songs you’re working on and ask for feedback. It’s brilliant really.

If you are serious about learning to play guitar and want to get to an advanced level, I would look at Jam Play.

But, if you are an absolute beginner, do not shy away from Fender Play. It has a nice clean web design that;s easy to follow. Their quick fire lessons are perfect to learn guitar online quickly.

All you need is 20 mins to improve your skills. Once you do hit intermediate level, you may need to consider other options like Jam Play or Guitar Tricks down the line.

Fender Play vs Jam Play – Final Thoughts

Jam Play in my opinion is a far superior option for learning to play guitar online. You just get so much more from it.

There’s people out there are extremely skilled guitarist and still enjoy Jam Play due to the content, live studio sessions and overall community.

However, if you are just starting out, Jam Play might be a bit of an information overload.

Fender Play might be worth considering if you are an absolute beginner, but again you if you put the time in, you will out grow Fender Play quickly (unless the update their program).

Teaching yourself how to play guitar in my opinion is the best way to learn guitar at the moment. It’s faster, cheaper and a lot easier to fit in your schedule.

Online Guitar Lessons Free Trials

I would suggest you try both of them. See if you would prefer Fender Play or Jam Play. Both of them offer free trials, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Try them separately, see which works for you and then commit to one. I think that’s the best option for you.

Fender Play Free Trial

Fender Play Free Trial

If you are a complete beginner, this might be the best option for you to start with. If you do decide to go ahead and start paying for the service at reasonably cheap. You have 14 days to try it out and see if it’s for you.

Jam Play Free Trial

Jam Play Free Trial

Jam Play also has a 14 day Free Trial. It’s at least worth checking out to see that its much more than a online guitar course.

Take the time to dive deep into all it has to offer and don’t be shy to check in to the more advanced lessons to see what is ahead you. Jam Play is an excellent service that I know will impress.

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