Yamaha Fd01s Vs Fg800


We’ll try to battle out the Yamaha Fd01s Vs Fg800, establishing which one is more of a bang for your buck, their features, and general pros (perhaps even some cons). Yamaha guitars have become a staple in any musician’s arsenal. It’s no surprise really, as they produce well-made, affordable guitars and also exquisitely crafted high-end … Read more

Yamaha F325D Review

Yamaha F325D Review

Affordable beginner guitars in this price range usually sound terrible. With poor craftsmanship and bad tone, they are hard to play. The Yamaha F325D is that rare gem of a cheap acoustic that actually performs well. Yamaha is known for its precise manufacturing and quality control, and the F325D is no exception. While not the … Read more

Yamaha CGS104A Review

This is a pocket-friendly learner’s guitar that doesn’t sacrifice build quality and sound. The Yamaha CGS104A is an acoustic, designed for classical music. It is an excellent instrument, especially for younger students learning classical guitar technique. It is sturdy and will take some wear and tear. While still in the entry-level range, the CGS series … Read more

Yamaha Fsx800c Review

Yamaha FSX800C Review

The Yamaha Fsx800c is a small body acoustic-electric guitar, emanating from the FS800; which bears the solid spruce top and nato/okume back and sides, this model stirs up enthusiasm with its impressive features. The Fsx800c is equipped with Yamaha’s signature under-saddle piezo pick up; and with its cutaway body, promises an exhilarating experience in sound. … Read more

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