Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112

This article seeks to compare two great models the Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112. The aim is to hep you decide which is best for you.

Yamaha guitars are just like the professional outfit a CEO might wear or the sneakers a basketball legend might use for a game. They’re crafted by people who demand perfection in the art of producing quality instruments.

Tadahiro Suzuki is the man behind the electric, acoustic and classical guitar models. The quality of these fine instruments can be felt when you hold a Yamaha guitar of any style in your hand.

Yamaha Pacifica 012

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The Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar known for its clean sound and excellent playability for guitarists of all levels.

This series was first launched in 1990 and had delighted musicians for the past 30 years.

This guitar can do all that a Fender Stratocaster can do, says one user, and it is excellent for beginners who want to learn guitar.

Upon first look, the construction and quality of the instrument are outstanding for the price. The frets are finished and smooth.

The body is flawless and glossy and will look great during a performance. The body feels sturdy, and despite the low price, nothing feels cheap about the guitar.

The sound is sharp and clear. Intonation is decent, and making adjustments is easy, even for beginners.

Tuners do an excellent job of holding their tune and are not difficult to adjust.

It’s truly an entry-level guitar for anybody who wants to try their hand at electric guitar; but does not want to spend a lot of money.

Yamaha Pacifica 112

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The neck and body of this guitar are constructed of solid wood and looks beautiful. This guitar features excellent construction and stunning finish all for less money than other brands at the same level.

It is an ideal guitar for a beginner ready to get into electric guitar playing. It’s easy to lean on and play.

The H/S/S combination works wonders to bring you a variety of sounds and tones. Fretboard holds up nicely and will not wear out soon after repeated use. Tuners work great and are appropriate for the price point.

The guitar itself is inspired by the Fender Stratocaster; and while it may look like a copy, it is truly its own being.

The socket is on edge as opposed to the side; and the back-pickup functions as a single coil with tone control pushed in.

Alternatively, it functions as a humbucker if pulled out, which brings a warmer tone.


Performance is obviously important when you are comparing the Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112. So let’s put them head to head.

The Pacifica 012 is different from the 112 primarily by the body. The 012 features Agathis body, and a sonokeling fingerboard. It is not bad by any means, but it is best for people on a limited budget.

Meanwhile, the 112 is more popular among guitarists. It features more choices for color along with a rosewood fingerboard and Alder body.

The pickups used on the Pacifica 112 are Alnico, which are known for being high in quality; compared to the two single-coil and single humbucking variety used on the 012.

The 112 is an excellent guitar for its body construction compared to the 012 in the sense that it features an Alder body. Agathis bodies are known for sounding a bit dull in comparison.

Alder is also used in Stratocaster guitar construction, a brand known for being top of the line.

The 112 can also be modified to sound good when used with new pickups, but the 012 lacks this ability.

The 012 is a beautiful guitar. But it seems most users purchased it because they were absolute beginners and could not afford something else.

The 012 also makes a good practice guitar, while the Yamaha 112J sounds better and could be used in performance. It’s also easier to modify as your skill improves.

Indeed, the 112 gives you access to the Stratocaster sound and also provides you a high output of humbucker bridge pickups. You can buy it in an H/S/S pickup arrangement for this.

The guitar also has 22 frets, great for hitting higher bends. The difference is that you don’t need to spend a bundle to do it.

The 012 has its merits, with the sound being good for the price. Build quality is excellent, and pickups sound good despite being less fancy than the 112.

The Yamaha 012 is perfect for those that want to practice, are just getting into guitar or kids that need a decent guitar for a reasonable price.


The Yamaha 012 is suitable for beginners, kids that would like to learn electric but cannot spend a ton, and people who need to begin to learn guitar.

Many users describe their 012 coming out of tune when they first got it; this provides a learning experience on what it means to tune.

It is durable for kids that may get a little rough with instruments and looks good. The guitar comes with everything a beginner would need to start, including a strap and pick. It would be suitable for a hobbyist looking to try a low-end guitar for fun, or beginner player.

The Yamaha 112 is also ideal for beginners, but not absolute beginners. If you plan on taking your playing to the next level, and you are serious about learning guitar, this is the model that is recommended.

It can be modified as your skill improves. The 112 is designed to mimic the build of a Stratocaster, which is a guitar that experienced musicians and professional players use. It would be ideal for a live musician or performer.


At the time of this writing, the PAC012 costs around $179. The Yamaha 112 is more expensive around $299.

The difference in price is staggering, but this is because the 112 has a bit more value than the 012.

The 112 has a stronger body as it is made of alder wood. Meanwhile, 012 is constructed of Agathis, which can sound a bit dull, according to some users.

The coil taps of the 012 are copper wire wrapped around a magnet, which certainly sounds OK, but is of lesser quality than the 112 Alnico.

The 112 has a wider variety of modifications that can be made, as well as more colors from which to choose when you buy. The 112 also features Alnico V magnet-based pickups instead of ceramic magnets.

Block saddles are included on the tremolo, which is a nice upgrade. The tone knob of the 112 can also be pulled to coil tap your humbucker into a single coil.

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Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112 – Which Would I Pick & Why?

Yamaha Pacifica 012 Vs 112

Personally, I would choose the 112 over 012. It is a guitar that blurs the line flawlessly between beginner and experienced musician.

It will give you the feeling of playing on a Stratocaster; which you could graduate to as your skill gets better and better.

It is also a guitar that comes in plenty of different colours. This allows you to find one that suits your style and can be modded just as you want it.

Lastly, it looks and feels great, so no matter where your music takes you, you will be ready.


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