Yamaha Fsx800c Review

The Yamaha Fsx800c is a small body acoustic-electric guitar, emanating from the FS800; which bears the solid spruce top and nato/okume back and sides, this model stirs up enthusiasm with its impressive features.

The Fsx800c is equipped with Yamaha’s signature under-saddle piezo pick up; and with its cutaway body, promises an exhilarating experience in sound.

Accompanied by a System 66 analog preamp, the Fsx800c offers a laudable performance. The FS model body differs from its counterpart.

It does this by offering a slightly trimmer body. Measuring at 10mm less than the FG body without trading off on the quality of sound volume or bass.

For this Yamaha Fsx800c Review, lets look a little deeper into the design, build quality and sound of the guitar.

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Yamaha Fsx800c Review

The Design of the Yamaha Fsx800c

– Key Design Features

Designed for smaller handed players, this quality acoustic-electric guitar enthralls the senses. The body has a new look and feel with its glossy finish and is oriented for the right hand.

It also comes equipped with a solid spruce top and the added cutaway body to deliver an outstanding sound.

Not to mention, the under-saddle piezo pickup and System 66 analog preamp for increased intensity in sound experience.

– What It’s Made From

As previously mentioned, this model has been fabricated with nato/okume back and sides. Robust rosewood for the fingerboard and nato for the neck wood offers durability. The neck finished in stunning matte, boasts natural appeal.

– Type of Guitar

The Fsx800c is an electric acoustic guitar with a slimmer body. It measures 10mm smaller when compared to the FG body; extending comfort to players without losing the intensity of the sound or bass.

The design of this model brings forth a body that’s much easier to hold and intrigues beginners.

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The Sound of the Yamaha Fsx800c

The Yamaha Fsx800c exhibits exceptional sound quality. The Fsx800c incorporates the recently developed scalloped bracing; which enhances the sound quality.

It does this quiet remarkably and offers durability for long playing hours. Even though the body is smaller, the sound remains outstanding.

Sound quality is enhanced with the System 66 feature powered by AA-sized batteries; providing a reliable and consistent supply of power.

The System 66 feature is an under-saddle piezo pick up comprising the 3-band EQ mid-range frequency controller and a precision chromatic tuner; which allows adjustments to be made to tailor sounds to your exact specifications.

The possibilities of improved sound quality are at your disposal with the ingenious acoustic analysis technology.

With a slightly smaller body, Yamaha managed to fit a 20-fret fingerboard to the Fsx800c. This allows for a spectacular playing experience and rich sounds. And simple to play for beginners, small guitarists, and female players alike.

The Final Verdict

Yamaha FSX800C Review

If you are a beginner, smaller in stature, or a female player, the smaller body of this guitar; together with the solid spruce, will leave you feeling content.

Considering the price of $320, you’re being offered an excellent electric acoustic guitar. Yamaha, with their R&D Division, even developed an improved scalloped bracing pattern offering optimal sound quality for the Fsx800c model.

The Fsx800c is a little more expensive than some of the recent guitars we reviews. For example the the Yamaha CGS104A, F325D and the Fender FA-115 which are also best suited to beginners.

With the hours of entertainment this guitar has to offer; you will not be disappointed by its sound quality and attractive aids.

Especially at a reasonable price of $320. With the System 66 feature, what’s not to love about this majestic machine?

The Fsx800c is indeed great value for money!

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