Yamaha APXT2EW Review (2022)

In this post we do a Yamaha APXT2EW Review and see wether its worth the money. Its part of the APXT2 series, but does it live up to the hype? Lets find out.

Yamaha manufactures several types of musical instruments and, there is one thing that most musicians relate to the name – quality.

That’s exactly what you’ll get if you buy the Yamaha APXT2EW. Like I said, the EW is a part of the APXT2 series, which is 3/4 the size of the APX500 – the world’s best-selling electro-acoustic guitar.

That means this guitar includes all the features of the APX500, but it’s meant to cater to a different audience.

For instance, APXT2EW is the perfect choice for kids, but it’s also very suitable as a travel guitar.

It also has other fantastic features such as top-notch electronics, a spruce top, and Yamaha’s original contact pickup system.

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Yamaha APXT2EW Review

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Design Specs of The APXT2EW

– Key Design Features

The EW is a single-cutaway guitar, with a streamlined 3/4 scale that provides easier access to lower frets. The back and sides of the guitar are made from a dark meranti wood, as opposed to mahogany.

The neck is very small-hands friendly, which makes it ideal for young children and adults with smaller hands. The fretboard is made from standard rosewood with dot inlays and 21 frets.

– What Its Made From

Let’s start our design discussion with the EW’s spruce top. Spruce tops are very popular in reasonably-priced electro-acoustics, so it’s not very surprising to find one in Yamaha’s APXT2 series.

Apart from a smooth and light finish, the spruce top also gives the EW a striking projection. And it comes in 6 very attractive colors, such as Tobacco Sunburst, and vibrant Dark Red Burst.

– Type of Guitar

The APXT2EW (Check The Price) is an electric acoustic guitar, with built-in electronics to boost amplification. It looks exactly like an acoustic, but you can notice the controls placed along the body panels.

We’ll admit the design may seem standard, but it gives off the cool-acoustic vibes that APX500 is famous for. Not to mention, what the EW lacks in looks, it makes up in sound quality.

The APXT3EW Sound Quality

The APXT3EW has an ART preamp and along with Yamaha’s tuner for greater sound accuracy. The preamp’s control panel includes a volume and tone control knob, which is simple to use.

For a guitar that is 3/4 the size of the APX500, this little guy has praise-worthy sound quality. What’s even more surprising is how good the sound of the EW is, even when it’s not plugged in.

Obviously, the acoustic sound is not anything like a jumbo, but for a small guitar and the price range, the EW’s sound is pretty incredible.

By and large, the APXT3EW makes a perfect choice for not only young beginners but also adults. It can also be used as a practice guitar for the more experienced players.

Yamaha APXT2EW Review – Final Thoughts

Yamaha APXT2EW Review

If you’re looking for a guitar for your children or one that you can travel around with easily, then the APXT3EW is a solid choice.

Considering the price of $300, even with the plastic nut and laminated wood body, the EW still makes for an excellent electro-acoustic guitar. Its just slightly cheaper than the Yamaha Fsx800C we recently reviewed.

Does the EW have a reasonable price range? It absolutely does. Yamaha’s EW electro-acoustic guitar costs only $300. It also has a strong preamp system, Yamaha’s contact pickup system, and it’s very easy on the eyes.

So, the answer to whether the APXT2EW is good value for money is a resounding yes.

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